Mocking the interface


OpenActive data has a large number of recommended and optional fields, which are not available from all providers.

Although it is always advisable to take a defensive approach due to this variance, to future-proof your interface it can be useful to see all available fields in a single result item.

Dummy Data: Lorem Fitsum

The sandbox environment contains a data source called "loremfitsum", which produces complete records of dummy data, based in the area of Oxford:

  • Address: 🇬🇧 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

  • Latitude: 51.7520131

  • Longitude: -1.2578499

loremfitsum data contains two types of record with a rough 50/50 split across both:

  • Randomly generated: These contain a random collection of OpenActive recommended and optional fields, which does not necessarily include all fields.

  • Golden records: These have a "GOLDEN:" prefix in their name property and contain all available fields in the OpenActive, OpenActive Beta, and imin namespaces. Note that other custom properties are available from data providers, documented in their @context - however these are only present in the results endpoints (e.g. /event-series/:id and not in the search summaries).