Getting An API Key

To obtain a new API key, please contact our onboarding team at We will issue you a key as soon as possible.

Using the API Key

Once you have a valid API key, making an authenticated request is again straight-forward. On each request, the following HTTP request header must be added (we will use 6aa0fa074bec4a5cb0e8ed8fd36151ce as an example):


Obtaining a New Key

If you believe your key has been compromised, please contact our onboarding team at and we will issue you a new key as quickly as possible.

Best Practices

Using Server Side

Keys should only be used in server side applications, not in web apps.

By using the key in a web app, it is left vulnerable to being inspected and used by a non-authorised third party. If you believe your key has been compromised please obtain a new key (detailed above).

Keeping your key safe

Your secret API key can be used to make any API call on behalf of your account. Ensure they are kept out of any version control system that you may be using. You should treat them as you would a password.

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