Customer Specific Images

Why use this Service?

We consume open data from a variety of sources, from big leisure operators to small, local instructors and everything in between. Open data from some sources is higher quality than others, but at imin, we do our best to ensure that you are getting the highest quality data across the board.

The Customer Specific Images service allows us to improve the quality of data we provide to you across all providers by adding images of your choosing. This service means that you can choose bespoke images that are suited to your demographic, therefore, ensuring you are providing a high quality UX for your end users.

How it Works

The CSI service works by returning a bespoke image based on an activity type.

For example, on the simplest level*, if you provide an image of people playing badminton and the end user makes a search for "Badminton", your image will be returned.

*This functionality is subject to whether you choose to supplement or override existing images.

With this in mind, it is important that your familiarise yourself with the OpenActive Activity List and select the activities for which you want bespoke images to appear.

How to Provide your Images

Please ensure that the following provisions are complied with:

  • Images must not exceed 1,200px x 800px (via our Search API, we provide the original image, as well as two thumbnail images).

  • Images must be saved within one large folder (rather than in sub-folders), which must be emailed to us as a zip file.

  • Images must correspond to an activity in the OpenActive Activity List.

  • The image file names must correspond with the notations in the Activity List (please refer to the jsonld List for this), i.e. file names must:

    • Be lowercase (e.g. abscore); and

    • Have an underscore where an activity type includes a space(s) (e.g. aqua_fit_shallow_water).

  • Images must be provided in JPEG format and saved with ".jpg" at the end (e.g. street_dance.jpg).

  • If you are providing a default image (see below), please ensure the file is named default.jpg.

Please ensure all images comply with these requirements and email them to us in a zip file.

Supplementing or Overriding Existing Images

The CSI service can do one of two things:

  1. Supplement existing images for all items in the data that do not already have an image (images already present in the data will be provided by the open data provider at source); or

  2. Override all existing images already included in the data.

Example of how "supplement" works:

  • If an open data provider includes an image for a football session, this image, and not your football image, will appear when the end user searches for football.

  • If an open data provider does not include an image for a yoga class, your yoga image will appear when the end user searches for yoga.

Example of how "override" works:

  • If an open data provider includes an image for a tennis session, your tennis image, and not the providers image, will appear when the end user searches for tennis.

Please let us know if you want to go for option 1 (supplement images) or option 2 (override images).

Default Images

Given the large number of activities in the OpenActive Activity List, it is likely that you will not want to provide an image for each activity type. If this is the case, you can provide us with a default image that will appear for activities for which you have not provided us an image. If you opt for this feature, we recommend that the default image is as generic as possible.

Please let us know if you will be providing a default image and, if so, ensure it is named default.jpg.

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