imin Events API

Introduction to the Events API

The imin Events API enables developers to build real-time physical activity search into their applications. The API exposes a database of available physical activities, updated (often in real-time) from numerous activity providers.

The following pages offer guidance on using various parts of the Events API.

Restrictions on Use

You must not use the API to collect more information than necessary to respond to an end user query, or store or scrape data other than as expressly permitted by us.

If you would like to temporarily store copies of larger data sets for efficiency or other purposes, please ask us about Firehose and our other service options.

Dummy Data

You can access our dummy dataset (refimpl) in the Events API using this API call and the following test API key:


Please see the Authentication page for information on how to use the API key and Mocking the Interface for an introduction to the dummy data.

Because the location data included in refimpl is for Null Island, the API call includes geo[radial]=0,0,1.

Maximum limit

The maximum number of items that can be returned per page of results is 50 (limit=50). This is to ensure our Platform can offer the best performance when returning results.


We refer to highly repetitive activities like swimming and gym workout sessions as "high frequency sessions".

The default behaviour of the Events API is to exclude highly repetitive activities such swimming sessions and gym workout sessions.

As a result of this, an Events API call you make may not include all of the available activities based on the parameters provided.

For full a full introduction to and explanation of how to exclude/include high frequency sessions, please click here.

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