Features Available Upon Request

The Live Timetables offer a variety of advanced features that may require additional configuration and support for implementation. Depending on your specific needs and agreement with us, extra setup or ongoing fees may apply. We're here to assist you, so please feel free to reach out at support@imin.co with any questions or to get started.

Automatically Blocking Out Unavailable Sessions

By default, the timetable displays only upcoming sessions. However, it also includes a feature that allows you to indicate when facilities, such as a pool or gym floor, are unavailable for use, clearly communicating any gaps between sessions to users.

Facility Closed

Gaps between sessions can be highlighted with custom labels of your choice, such as "Pool Closed" or "Studio Unavailable," to clearly convey these intervals.

You can set a minimum length of an unavailable block, so if there is a gap between sessions that is shorter than this, no unavailable block will be created.

By default, any sessions in progress will disappear from the timetable upon loading or refreshing. This functionality might inadvertently suggest that a facility, like a swimming pool, is unavailable during an ongoing activity, such as a free swim session, based on the session's duration.

Opening Times

To prevent confusion, you can clarify on the timetable when certain facilities are not available right from opening time or become unavailable before the site's closing time, ensuring users are aware of exact availability.

Customised groupings of activities (include / exclude specific activities)

As a default, the Live Timetables can include / exclude activities based on Activity type and Location. For example, using this standard functionality, you could generate a timetable to show:

  • all activities at one centre;

  • all activities at all centres;

  • all Yoga sessions across all of your centres; and/or

  • all Yoga sessions at one centre,

However, you may wish to do more custom groups based on more than just activity type and location. For example, you may want to promote with one timetable all family activities across your locations for a summer promotion. This is possible through a process of "Tagging". We will work with you to understand your requirements, generate some rules that tag your activities based on those requirements, and then provide you with instructions for how to update the timetable code to use those tags to achieve the desired outcome. Ask us how to achieve this at support@imin.co

Changing the wording on the Call-To-Action buttons

The default text for the Book buttons:

When guest booking is not enabled:

A "Login & Book" button will be displayed for session bookings. Should a session be full, this button will change to "Waiting List".

When guest booking is enabled:

Two booking options will be available: "Member Booking" and "Pay & Play Booking." In the event a session is full, a single "Waiting List" button will be displayed.

Where a session is fully booked, the guest booking button will not show.

You have the flexibility to customize the text on these buttons to align with your specific terminology. For guidance on making these changes, please contact us at support@imin.co.

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