Information We Require From You

This page contains a few important characteristics:

Specific Branding

The example shown above is for Badminton England, where Checkout has been branded/themed to fit Badminton England’s colours, including the logo in the top left.

What information we require from you:

  • Full brand guidelines if available, or preferred brand colours at a minimum;

  • Screenshots or a demo of the activity finder/search results page from which the Checkout will load (so we can understand use of colour palettes);

  • Logo (in transparent PNG, preferably); and

  • Any specific background images you would like to use (note: you must have licence to use this image). If not, we can select from our library of stock images. Please provide the highest resolution you can, with 1600x880 being the optimum.

URLs and Email Addresses

For convenience, you can provide all of the following information by simply completing this Google Form.

URL for Search Platform

This is the URL where the search platform, e.g. the activity finder, will be hosted. This is needed so we can construct your checkoutBaseUrl(see here).

What information we require from you:

URL for Homepage

This is your organisation's homepage, which will be included at the bottom of the Checkout flow and in the confirmation email.

What information we require from you:

  • The URL for your organisational homepage.

URL for Terms & Conditions

This link takes the users to the terms & conditions governing your provision and the end user's use of the booking service (or, if you do not have terms & conditions, the URL for your privacy policy).

We will include this URL on your Branded Checkout pages so that the end user can easily see the terms that govern the use of their personal data by you and your sub-processors, of which imin is one.

What information we require from you:

  • The URL of your terms & conditions (or privacy policy if you do not have terms & conditions) so we can integrate them into your Branded Checkout.

If you do not have user-facing terms & conditions and you are using imin to facilitate bookings, you may wish to consider whether this is something you might introduce in order to protect the interests of both you and your users.

We will also provide you with some standard text to add into your Terms & Conditions that govern imin’s involvement in the booking and payment flow (see “Update your terms and conditions" at the end of this document).

"Contact Us" Email Address

This is an email address that the user can use to ask any questions to you (as the brand providing them the booking).

What information we require from you:

  • The most appropriate email address for users to contact your helpdesk or organisation.

Confirmation Email Address

Users will receive a confirmation email from the service, which includes details of their booking, barcode for venue entry, etc. This email will have a “From” email address that you can select that represents your organisation.

What information we require from you:

  • The selected email address that will appear in the “From” field for the confirmation emails that get sent to users.

  • It can be something like or

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