URLs and Offering a Call to Action

Providing a call to action for your users means you offer them an immediate action when they have found something they want to do. The best call to action is a "Book" button to enable them to pay for and secure their place in their chosen activity. However, despite not offering bookable session or facilities, you can still ensure that the user has the best chance of attending by offering them relevant URLs.

There are three possible urls to use if you want to include a call to action for the end user. If these are present in the data, they will be included in the subEvent arrays and/or the organizer object.

We recommend using the following URLs in hierarchical order where they exist in the data:

  1. subEvent[].subEvent[].url - if this url is present, it will be founded in the subEvent object(s) at the ScheduledSession-level.

  2. subEvent[].url - if this url is present, it will be found in the SessionSeries object(s) at the SessionSeries-level.

  3. organizer.url - if this url is present, it will be found in the organizer object at the EventSeries-level.

The urls listed above will not always be present in the data as they are not always present in the open data we consume. Part of the work we do is to liaise with data providers to ensure that they are including the highest quality data in their RPDE feeds as possible.

Where the organizer.url is used, please note that this might take the user to a generic website for the organiser and not a session-specific page. Again, this is due to the data included in the RPDE feeds.

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