The discovery-geo query parameter search can be used to return multiple facilities on multiple days without slots, i.e. multiple facilities + multiple days + no slots.

When using discovery-geo, the startDate[gte] and startDate[lte] parameters are not permitted. As a result of this, the API will return details of the facilities, but will not include the slots available.

mode=discovery-geowill never return slots.

For the avoidance of doubt, just because no slots are returned when discovery-geo is used does not mean there are no slots available. Available slots will only be returned when upcoming-slotsis used.

When making a discovery-geo query parameter search, the API will return a list of FacilityUses (e.g. volleyball courts, football pitches, etc.) without slots, which will be ordered by distance to the geo[radial] supplied, with closest first.

For example,[radial]=51.05602333,-2.423247080,100&mode=discovery-geo&limit=50&page=1&providerId=led&activityPrefLabel=Tennis will return:

  • Those led facilities;

  • Within a 100km radius of 51.05602333,-2.423247080;

  • That have the activity Tennis.

It is not possible to return slots when using discovery-geo, i.e. one that does not include a startDate, due to the large quantity of data involved in such an API call.

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