Activity Concept Collections

Introduction to the Activity Concept Collections

As well as being ordered within the Concept hierarchy, activities can form part of an unstructured collection called Activity Concept Collections. Any activities, regardless of hierarchy, can be added to a collection and the same activity can be present in more than one grouping.

For example Swimming, Water Aerobics, and Water Polo might all be classified as "Water Sports". Water Polo and Football might also be grouped into a collection of "Team Sports":

  • Team Sports

    • Football

    • Water Polo

  • Water Sports

    • Swimming

    • Water Aerobics

    • Water Polo

The purpose of Collections is to enable end users to search through a specified set of activities, e.g. Strength and Conditioning.

The imin Platform and Activity Concept Collections

Activity Concept Collections can be found at /events-api/v2/facets endpoint with JSONPath: $['imin:index'].activityConceptCollection['imin:item'].

An example of an Activity Concept Collection would be Strength and Conditioning or Holistic. In order to see which Activities form part of a Collection, navigate to a collection's id (as can be found in the facets endpoint), which is a URL.

Strength and Conditioning

  "type": "imin:ConceptCollection",
  "id": "",
  "prefLabel": "Cardio",
  "definition": "Group Exercise and Dance classes considered good for Cardio.",
  "beta:publisher": "EMD UK",
  "inScheme": "",

We recommend you heavily cache the results of this endpoint, as it is likely to change very infrequently (at most nightly).

Find out more...

For information on filtering by Activity Concept Collection, please see here.

For information on how to create your own Activity Concept Collection, please take a look at the OpenActive Editor.

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