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Example Request & Response

Get Places
The optional activityId parameter:
  • Must be an encoded URL;
  • Should not be confused with the activityPreflabel parameter used with the Events and Facilities APIs; and
  • Cannot be used more than once in a single API call.
This API documentation is in it's first iteration and will be replaced by a more comprehensive OAS3 specification at a later date.
The data in our Places API is mainly derived from facilities RPDE feeds, but sometimes comes from dedicated places feeds. Therefore, whilst the Facilities API can be used in conjunction with the Places API to check available Slots, we cannot guarantee that there are any sessions associated with a Place in the Places API.
The data in our Places API is not ever derived from the Events API.
The items returned by the Places API will be ordered by distance from the search radius in ascending order.
Important fields from the response:
  • imin:aggregatedActivityId: this is an aggregated field that represents all the activities that occur at a Place.
  • mcr:placeClassification: this field represents whether a Place is a park or a leisure centre. The allowed values are