Events API Reference


Swagger reference documentation is available for the Events API and will give you an overview of the available queryable parameters.

For example, by clicking on GET /event-seriesto show the queryable interface for the EventSeries, you should be get a better understand what each parameter is designed to do and how they can be used to within your platform.

This is interactive so, if you have an API key, you can also make requests with it.

The mere presence of a parameter is listed in our reference documentation does not guarantee the presence of relevant data within the platform that will be returned when said parameter is included in an Events API call. For example, including isVirtuallyCoached=true in an API call will not return data where there are 0 virtually coached sessions in the Events API.


Stable metadata is available at as a convenience for developers. It is referenced from the APIs.

imin Namespace

For a list of terms defined for use exclusively within the imin Platform, please refer to imin's namespace at, which includes the imin: properties.


The schema for our data feeds are found in the @context value in each item in the feeds. These are as follows:


For information on how to use the @context field and get the schemas, please refer to the OpenActive website here.

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