Facilities Slot Booking

Bookable facilities Slots are identifiable in our platform by the presence of imin:checkoutUrlTemplate.

You can read more about the imin:checkoutUrlTemplate here.

When booking is implemented within the Facilities API, the imin:checkoutUrlTemplate will be located in the Slot object for bookable facilities and returned in both mode=upcoming-slots (so long as the startDate parameter is included) and ByID searches.

The Slot object can be found in either FacilityUse.event[] or FacilityUse.event[].event[] depending on the underlying provider data structure.

Because mode=discovery-geo will not return Slot objects, it will not include the imin:checkoutUrlTemplate.

When searching ByID, the imin:checkoutUrlTemplate can be found in both FacilityUse By-ID (accessible via event[].id or event[].event[].id) and Slot By-ID .

The URL for the FacilityUse By-ID route will look like https://search.imin.co/facilities-api/v2/facility-uses/{FacilityUse.identifier}.

The URL for the Slot By-ID route will look like https://search.imin.co/facilities-api/v2/slots/{Slot.identifier}.

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