The upcoming-slots query parameter search can be used to return slots for multiple facilities on a specific day, i.e. multiple facilities + one day + slots.


When using upcoming-slots, the startDate[gte]or startDate[lte] parameter must be included. The results returned will contain time-based information pertaining to one specific day (the startDate) and be ordered chronologically.

There are three behaviours to bear in mind when using startDate:

  1. When only startDate[gte] is used, the API will return slots from that time until the end of the day, e.g. startDate[gte]=3000-01-01T09:00:00Z will return slots between 09:00:00-23:59:59 on3000-01-01;

  2. When only startDate[lte] is used, the API will return slots from the start of the day until that time, e.g. startDate[lte]=3000-01-01T13:30:00Z will return slots between 00:00:00-13:29:59 on3000-01-01; and

  3. The startDate[gte] and startDate[lte], when used in combination, can only span one calendar day, i.e. it is not possible to include two different dates when using the Facilities API.

startDate Examples

The example queries above will not generate any results. This is because the startDate provided is outside of the Platform's 2-week API lookahead window.


An upcoming-slots search will return two ids for each FacilityUse:

  1. The FacilityUse id: this root URL, which looks like{identifier}, will form the basis of the FacilityUse ByID search.

  2. The Slot id: this is a URL that can be found in the FacilityUse at theevent array. Every Slot id, which looks like{event[].id }, forms the basis of the Slot ByID search.

The two ids offer the following options:

i) The FacilityUse id = one facility + multiple days + slots (FacilityUse ByID Search).

ii)Slot By-ID = one facility + one day + one slot (Slot ByID Search)

Anupcoming-slotssearch will always return an event array, which will contain one or more Slots relevant to the startDate included in the API call.

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