Slot By-ID

The Slot.ids returned in either an upcoming-slots query parameter search or a FacilityUse ByID search can be used to make a Slot ByID search.

Every FacilityUse will have an event[].id or an event[].event[].id (in the case where there are IndividualFacilityUses) which will be a URL that looks like{}. This should be used for Slot ByID searches. Each is appended with YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS, depending on the startDate of the Slot.

The Slot.ids returned will depend on which search route is used:

  1. Slot ByID search following upcoming-slots query parameter search: the Slot.ids will include a YYYY-MM-DD that exactly matches the startDate included in the initial upcoming-slots search.

  2. Slot ByID search following FacilityUse ByID search: the Slot.ids will include YYYY-MM-DDs as far ahead 7 days in the future.

Slot By-ID searches return a slot for one facility on day at a specific time: one facility + one day + one slot.

Slot By-ID Search Example{ }3000-01-05T06-30-00 would return one slot at a specific time on a specific date for a specific FacilityUse:

  • 4 available badminton courts in a sport hall;

  • On 3000-01-05;

  • At 06-30-00.

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