Pre-Requisites: Open Data Feeds

In order to use the Live Timetables, you will need to have activated an OpenActive-compliant open data feed from your booking system or LMS. We use this OpenActive data feed in order to populate the Live Timetables.

The OpenActive open data feed is near real-time feed, so when the information is updated within your booking system (e.g. a class gets cancelled, moved, or a space is booked by a customer) it will automatically reflect in the data feed and therefore the Live Timetable.

These feeds can take several weeks to be turned on, so we recommend following the steps below asap:

If you use Gladstone

You will need contact your Gladstone account manager or support desk to request the activation of the Gladstone add-on called "OpenActive Web Services" (OWS). Depending on your arrangement with Gladstone, this may incur a fee upfront and / or on-going - your Gladstone point of contact will be able to clarify this for you.

If you use Legend

You will need to ask your Legend account manager to "activate our open data feed". This is sometimes called the "ODI feed" within Legend. This should be free for you to access.

How do I know if my open data feed has been activated?

Once activated, your booking system should provide you with a url for your "data set page" - which is a landing page where your open data feed can be accessed from.

Here is an example from Gladstone ( and from Legend (

In addition, if you are a Gladstone customer, they should provide you with a username and password for the OpenActive Data Manager.

If you use a different booking system

Please get in touch with us at and we'll provide specific guidance depending on your setup.

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