3. Setting up the Rest of Your Timetables

Once you're happy with the demo timetable created in the previous step, you can apply the same approach to configuring each timetable as needed and getting them live on your site!

Here's some hints and tips for common scenarios:

I want to have more than one timetable on a webpage

In order to do this, we need to make sure each timetable is individually labelled.

In practical terms, that means for the webpages where you have more than 1 timetable:

  • in the code for each timetable, there are two elements that need unique ids:

    1. at the top of the code for each timetable, you will find something like this: <div id="timetable"></div>. This div id needs to be different for each timetable on the webpage, e.g. <div id="timetable1"></div> and <div id="timetable2"></div> etc as it defines the start and end of each timetable.

    2. at the bottom of the code for each timetable, where it says '#timetable', you need to make this match the unique div id for that timetable that you put at the top of the code, i.e. #timetable1. i.e. so it looks like this:

iminTimetable( '#timetable1', options );

I want to group activities together on a Timetable but I can't achieve that using the "Activity" variable

Some example use-cases:

  • you want to create a timetable with all disability sport activities across your centres, to put on your Disability Sport webpage.

  • you've got a summer open week and want to just show special free activities in a Timetable

To achieve custom groups, please get in touch with us at support@imin.co and we'll talk you through the requirements, advise you if it is possible with the standard features, or supply you with the costs and timeframes for implementing the customisations required.

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