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The imin Platform Dashboard (the "Platform Dashboard") empowers you with deeper insights into the session data that matters most to you. Whether it's exploring sessions from specific locations or delving into types of sessions tailored to a particular audience, our Platform Dashboard enhances your understanding and interaction with this vital information.

A common request:

We need to be able to understand what OpenActive data there is - what providers are publishing, which activities are represented, and crucially, where we have gaps that we need to fill to meet our objectives.

The Platform Dashboard and Activity Finders

Activity finders serve as an invaluable resource for residents, offering clarity on local happenings, locations, and timings. Yet, to truly grasp who offers what services, along with the specifics of location, timing, and target audience, it's essential to unlock the potential of open data. The Platform Dashboard approach enables a comprehensive understanding of community resources and opportunities.

The Platform Dashboard is not an analytics dashboard that monitors traffic to/use of your front end.

Using the Platform Dashboard

By visualising the data at your disposal, you can concentrate on the areas that matter most to you, enabling more informed decision-making. For instance, you may be curious about:

  • Total numbers:

    • How many organisations providing activities are represented on your activity finder?

  • Location:

    • Which areas of your borough offer the greatest amount of physical activity opportunities?

    • Which of your wards have limited or no physical activity options?

  • Providers:

    • Which organisations are publishing activity information to your activity finder?

    • Which organisations provide the most diverse session options?

  • Price:

    • Are free activity opportunities equally available across your borough?

  • Activities:

    • What is the breadth of activity options available across your borough?

    • Is there a diverse set of activity opportunities available?

Access to this information, coupled with the Platform Dashboard's dynamic data analysis capability, allows you to construct a detailed overview of physical activity options that are significant to you.

This insight not only helps you understand the offerings available but also highlights the gaps in provision, enabling a deeper comprehension of both the presence and absence of services.

If you would like more information about the Platform Dashboard or to request a demo, please speak to your account manager or email

Future Improvements

Should you find any functionalities missing from the Platform Dashboard that you believe could enhance its utility, we're open to discussing these ideas and exploring potential solutions.

The Platform Dashboard's current capabilities are not fixed. Its design is flexible, allowing for future enhancements and additions based on your feedback and needs.

Let's talk about how we can evolve the Platform Dashboard together to better serve your requirements.

Total Numbers

If you're utilising an activity finder powered by imin alongside the Platform Dashboard, you might observe discrepancies in the session counts between the two. This variation can be attributed to two primary factors:

  • Search radius: both the Platform Dashboard and an activity finder operate using a set latitude, longitude, and radius for searches. Differences in any of these parameters can lead to variations in the total number of sessions retrieved.

  • Activity finder behavior: certain activity finders are programmed to filter the data presented to users, despite having access to a comprehensive dataset. For example, to prevent search results from being dominated by frequently recurring sessions (like hourly swimming sessions), these are not displayed by default.

For more information on frequently recurring sessions, see High Frequency Sessions.

Understanding these differences will help in reconciling any discrepancies you notice between your activity finder and the Platform Dashboard.

When an activity finder excludes high-frequency swimming and gym workout sessions from its results, you may notice that the session counts on the Platform Dashboard are substantially higher.

This discrepancy arises because the Platform Dashboard includes these high-frequency sessions, offering a complete overview of available activities.

The Platform Dashboard is designed to show you all available data.

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