Get Customer Account

Get Customer details by ID


X-API-KEY must be provided when making the request to get a Customer. This authorizes you to access the API.



This request must be made Server-side. Otherwise, it would be possible to view the secret API key with a browser.


An example 200 response looks like:

  "@context": "",
  "@type": "CustomerAccount",
  "@id": "",
  "identifier": "abc"
  "customer": {
    "@type": "Person",
    "email": "",
    "telephone": "020 811 8055",
    "givenName": "Geoff",
    "familyName": "Capes",
    "birthDate": "1970-01-01",
    "gender": "",
    "imin:is13OrOver": true,
    "address": {
      "@type": "PostalAddress",
      "streetAddress": "Raynes Park High School, 46A West Barnes Lane",
      "addressLocality": "New Malden",
      "addressRegion": "London",
      "postalCode": "NW5 3DU",
      "addressCountry": "GB"
    "emergencyContact": {
      "@type": "Person",
      "name": "Ralph Capes",
      "telephone": "020 811 8055"
  // 👇 Optional. These will be included if they have been set
  "accessPass": {
    "@type": "Barcode",
    "text": "ABC123DEF"
  "entitlement": {
    "@type": "Entitlement",
    "expires": "2021-05-10T10:45:33+00:00",
    "entitlementType": {
      "id": "",
      "type": "Concept",
      "prefLabel": "Adult Resident"

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