FacilityUse By-ID

The root ids returned in an upcoming-slots query parameter search form the basis of the FacilityUse ByID search.

Every FacilityUse will have a root id, which will be a URL that looks like https://search.imin.co/facilities-api/v2/facility-uses/{identifier}. This should be used to make FacilityUse By-ID searches, which will return all availableSlots for a specific FacilityUse for up to 7-days in the future from today's date.

FacilityUse By-ID searches return slots for one facility over multiple days: one facility + multiple days + slots.

When the FacilityUse By-ID route is used, the event property will contain one of two data structures:

  1. an array of Slots or

  2. an array of IndividualFacilityUses

    Each of which will contain an event array of Slots. Every Slot will contain an id and you can use these Slot.ids to make a Slot ByID search.

The recommended use for the ByID endpoint is in a timetable view. In terms of the user journey, it is recommended that this endpoint is used when a person has found a facility they wish to use (via a query parameter search) and now want to check for available Slots over the next week/on a specific day.

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