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Our Suite of Platform Products

imin's Search product is made up of a suite of APIs that enable you to easily access specific data from within the imin Platform that matches your requirements. Search comprises three APIs:

By choosing from the range of query parameters available across the APIs, you can return data based on geographic location, start time, type of activity, price and many more.

You must not use the Events API to collect more information than necessary to respond to an end user query, or store or scrape data other than as expressly permitted by us.

If you would like to temporarily store copies of larger data sets for efficiency or other purposes, please ask us about Firehose and our other service options.


The imin Firehose gives you an alternative way to power your applications without having to use Search. Rather than using query parameters like those found in Search, you have access to a "feed" of all the data in our Platform. This is compatible with the OpenActive Modelling Specification and published using the OpenActive Paging Specification.

Unlike Search, the Firehose is not a search API. It is a "feed" of all data, which means that all filtering needs to be done client-side.

Our Platform Products in Action

Check out the following examples of the imin Platform in action:

Hints & Tips

Looking for advice on best practice when building against out Platform? Want to know how you can provide activity search or the best way to display schedule information? Then hopefully our hints & tips with help you Get the Best Out of Search.

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