Timetable Usability

Is our timetable able to work with screen readers/how accessible is it?

Our timetable is compatible with screen readers such as the Apple iPhone screen reader.

Additional Features

Can you show the locations where sessions are taking place (i.e main pool & teaching pool)?

Yes we can, but this requires some custom work on our side. Please get in touch with us so we can understand what your requirements are and we will provide you with a quote for the the work.

Can we show what exact locations (i.e pitch 3) are represented in the facilities timetable rows?

We are unable to currently display this in the facilities timetable. However, there are workarounds such as including this information in the description so please share your requirements with us and we will assist you in the best way possible.

Gladstone: Does member login take the user to the specific session in Gladstone Connect or Gladstone GO?

Yes, the button should function as a deep-link taking the user directly to the specific session. For Gladstone Connect, if the user isn't logged in, it will take them to the Gladstone log-in page and then once logged-in it should take the user automatically to the specific activity page. For GladstoneGO, the user will land on the specific activity page, ready to add to the basket, without needing to log-in first.

When using your guest checkout, can we use a different payment gateway other than Stripe?

Currently we are only using Stripe as the payment gateway, however this may change in the future. Stripe is easy for most people to use and most finance teams we have spoken to have found Stripe to be user friendly and secure.

Privacy, data security and online transactions

Your DPO may have questions to do with data privacy and security for the Live Timetables. Here are some helpful answers to common DPO questions:

Your Open Data Feed

  • Your open data feed should contain no personal data as it is simply showing activity data such as time, price, location of an activity.

  • Your open data feed is published using a creative commons CCby4 licence - so it’s for use by anyone for any purpose.

  • There are no restrictions on storage of this data other than respecting your wishes for it to be deleted. This happens automatically, for example, when you cancel a session within your booking system - it will be removed from your open data feed, and therefore we must remove it from our end, wholesale.

Data Storage Locations (only relevant for customers using PAYG checkout)

  • Please refer to our subprocessor list, privacy policy and security / compliance pages

  • All of our subprocessors are in the EU, and for those that aren’t, we ensure we have Standard Contractual Clauses signed and documented to ensure data compliance equivalence

  • We regularly store data related to payments and transactions in the form of:

    • The logging procedures of product for reporting, de-bugging

    • Alerting internal team members (i.e. Slack)

  • We have to store this information because:

    • In the event of an issue, or requiring manual cancellation or refunds, we need a history of bookings and transactions

    • In the event of a dispute about a booking

    • Financial transaction history we must store for a period of time according to UK laws

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