Entitlement Pricing in Checkout

Get Entitlement Pricing in Checkout

In order for Checkout to use a Customer's Entitlement Pricing (thereby potentially giving them a discount), you must use Authenticated Checkout.

You must include a value in the acceptedOffer field in the Authenticated Checkout request, which will be the id of the offer from the Search results (see Entitlement Pricing in Search), i.e. the offer selected by the end user (or selected by you on behalf of the user).

Therefore, if you want the customer to be presented in Checkout with the price matching their entitlement status, you need to use the activeEntitlement.id from Search as the acceptedOffer value in the Authenticated Checkout request.

If there is no activeEntitlement present in Search for the session being booked, please use the id from either publicAdult or publicJunior within the imin:aggregateOffer object.

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