Webhooks that imin will call of your Broker in relation to Customer Management

Auth Set-up

To ensure that a webhook is being called by imin, we'll set up an API key that imin will use to call your API.

Note: This won't be the same as the API key that you use to call imin's API.

We'll pre-arrange this API key and then use it in our webhooks.

Please only allow calls with the known API Key.

Customer Detail Change

POST https://yourapihere.com/path/of/your/choosing





imin's API Key for using your API

Request Body




URL of the GET Customer Account endpoint for this customer



Customer Identifier

Example request:

  "@context": "https://openactive.io/",
  "@type": "CustomerAccount",
  "@id": "https://book.imin.co/api/v2/customer-accounts/abc",
  "identifier": "abc"

This webhook will be called in the following cases:

When this webhook is received, call Get Customer Account in order to find out what has changed. A single webhook can indicate any number of the changes listed above, so it is recommended that all notifications are processed every time a webhook is received.

Webhooks that trigger user interaction are vulnerable to replay attacks. We advise, when processing a webhook request, storing the @id of customer update notifications to prevent this.

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