A Slot is a specific time (THH:MM:SSZ) on a specific date (YYYY-MM-DD) upon which a FacilityUse is available.

Once a FacilityUse By-ID or Slot By-ID search has been made, more information about a Slot will be presented by the API. This will include information that was available at Discovery search, such as startDate and remainingUses, but also more specific information such as Slot-specific Offers, sportsActivityLocations, etc. More information about Slot-specific information can be found in the Modelling Specification.

Slots can be found in one of two places in a FacilityUse depending on underlying data structure from the provider:

  1. FacilityUse.event[] (FacilityUses without IndividualFacilityUses)

  2. FacilityUse.event[].event[] (FacilityUses with IndividualFacilityUses)

For more information about FacilityUses and IndividualFacilityUses, please see FacilityUses and IndividualFacilityUses

maximumUses & remainingUses in relation to sportsActivityLocations

A Slot relating to a specific FacilityUse might have one or more sportsActivityLocations available.

This will only be the case if the FacilityUse does not have any IndividualFacilityUses, which fulfil the same role.

For example, there might be 6 badminton courts in a sports hall, all of which are included within the same FacilityUse. In this instance:

  • The total number of courts (6) is reflected in maximumUses;

  • The number of courts still available is reflected in remainingUses; and

  • The information about the courts still available is included within the beta:sportsActivityLocation array.

maximumUses refers to the total number of courts available for a specific FacilityUse and, as such, always remains the same. It does not account for courts that have been booked and does not serve to indicate the number of people who can attend.


Looking at the JSON below you can see that there are 6 courts available (maximumUses) and that 2 of them have been booked, leaving 4 remainingUses. The beta:sportsActivityLocation[].name shows the courts that are still available.

"maximumUses": 6,
"remainingUses": 4,
"beta:sportsActivityLocation": [
        "name": "Main Hall Court 1",
        "type": "SportsActivityLocation",
        "identifier": "188ZMHAL01"
        "name": "Main Hall Court 3",
        "type": "SportsActivityLocation",
        "identifier": "188ZMHAL03"
        "name": "Main Hall Court 4",
        "type": "SportsActivityLocation",
        "identifier": "188ZMHAL04"
        "name": "Main Hall Court 6",
        "type": "SportsActivityLocation",
        "identifier": "188ZMHAL06"

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