imin Facilities API

Facilities are things like tennis courts, football pitches and sports halls.

Searching the Facilities API

There are two ways to query the Facilities API (

  1. Using a query parameter search; or

  2. Using a ByID search.

Booking & the Facilities API

Some facilities in our platform are bookable depending on which provider they originate from.

2-week API lookahead window

The API will only return information about facilities that are due to take place within the next 14 days. This is to ensure that the amount of data returned is manageable and relevant (our research shows that the bookable window for most leisure operator members is 2 weeks in advance).

Dummy Data

You can access our dummy dataset (refimpl) in the Facilities API using this API call and the following test API key:


Please see the Authentication page for information on how to use the API key and Mocking the Interface for an introduction to the dummy data.

Because the location data included in refimpl is for Null Island, the API call includes geo[radial]=0,0,1.

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