Dates and Times

The more parameters you add, the more specific you are being about what data you want the Platform to return and so the less items an API call will return.

[gte] = greater than or equal to

[lte] = less than or equal to

When using onlystartDate[gte] and/or startDate[lte]

When using startDate, if ScheduledSession'sstartDate is before/after the value in the given query parameter, the entire EventSeries will be returned

The whole EventSeries will be returned even if only one of its ScheduledSessions meet the startDate[gte]/onlystartDate[lte] value.


The API call above will return all EventSeries that contain one or more ScheduledSessions starting on or after 11:45 on 27th February.

startDate must be an ISO-8601 formatted datetime in UTC, i.e. YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ.

When using onlystartTime[gte] and/or startTime[lte]

When using startTime, the Platform will return any sessions that start at a specific time depending on the value of the parameters entered, regardless of the date of the sessions.

The intended use case for startTime is an end user who doesn’t mind what day they want to do something on, but knows that they are only available after 11:45.


The API call above will return all EventSeries that contain one or more ScheduledSessions starting at or after 08:30, but before or at 10:00. EventSeries returned may take place on the the date the API call is made and on any of the next 14 days.

startTime must be in local time, in the 24-hour format HH:mm (e.g. 16:00).

When using startDate and startTime

It is possible to return items taking place before/after a specific date in the future and that start before/after a specific time on each day.


The API call above will return anything that takes place on 27th February and that starts at or after 11:45, on 28th February starting after 11:45, on the 1st Match starting after 11:45, etc. The inclusion of the startTime parameter means that only sessions that take place between 11:45:00 and 11:59:59 each day will be returned.

Due to the behaviour of the startDate parameter when it is used exclusively, all items taking place from 00:00 on 27th February would appear and also those taking place on subsequent days. This explains why the use of startDate and startTime returns less results than when the former is used by itself.

Please note that startTime will override startDate when both are included in the same call. For example, startTime[gte]=15:00&startDate[gte]=2021-02-27T18:00:00Z will return items that start at or after 15:00 despite the presence of T18:00:00Z.

For simplicity and to avoid confusion, when using both startTime and startDate, we recommend keeping the startDate to midnight, i.e. startDate[gte]=2021-02-27T00:00:00Z.

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