Activities and Concept Collections

Before using these query parameters, please refer to Activities and Collections for an introduction.


-Id and -PrefLabel

There are two query parameters that can be used to filter sessions by specific activities:

  1. activityId={id}; and

  2. activityPrefLabel={prefLabel}.

When filtering by either activityId or activityPrefLabel, the items returned will depend where the activity features in the concept hierarchy. For example, when searching for a parent activity, e.g. Dance Aerobics, the items returned will include that parent activity and all of its children. However, when searching for a child activity at the bottom of the concept hierarchy, e.g. Funky HAU2, only those items will be returned.

We recommend using the activityId parameter in the first instance as the prefLabel is liable to be changed in the future by the OpenActive Activity List, whereas the ids will always stay the same.


The following two API calls will both return results for yoga:

When using activityId={id}to search, you must encode the URL to remove special characters.

The prefLabel search is case sensitive, so activityPrefLabel=dance%20aerobics will not return any results.

Both the activityId and activityPrefLabel parameters can be used for multiple values. Please see Filters for more information.

Concept Collections


To return sessions that form part of specific collections, the query parameter activityConceptCollectionId={collectionId} can be used.


The following will return all activities that are included in the Cardio Collection (found here):[radial]=51.430052,-0.501664,100&limit=50&

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