imin Checkout Setup


Here is a quick demo of the Checkout in action:

The Checkout enables the user to quickly and easily book and pay for activities.

Here is a step-by-step illustration of the booking journey, from search (1) and session details (2) , through session selection (3), payment (4) and confirmation (5) (images 3-5 are the three Checkout pages):

Search, session selection, payment & confirmation - a step-by-step illustration of the booking journey.

A Guide to Setting Up imin Checkout

You need to provide the information and complete the actions in these boxes below in order for us to setup the Checkout for you.

There are 2 parts to this guide to setting up the imin Checkout:

  • Part I - Information required from you; and

  • Part II - Actions you need to complete.

Part I - Information required from you

This page contains a few important characteristics:

Specific Branding

The example shown above is for Badminton England, where Checkout has been branded/themed to fit Badminton England’s colours, including the logo in the top left.

What information we require from you:

  • Full brand guidelines if available, or preferred brand colours at a minimum;

  • Screenshots or a demo of the activity finder/search results page from which the Checkout will link (so we can understand use of colour palettes);

  • Logo (in transparent PNG, preferably); and

  • Any specific background images you would like to use (note: you must have licence to use this image). If not, we can select from our library of stock images. Please provide the highest resolution you can, with 1600x880 being the optimum.

"Contact Us" Email Address

This is an email address that the user can use to ask any questions to you (as the brand providing them the booking).

What information we require from you:

  • The most appropriate email address for users to contact your helpdesk or organisation.

This link takes the users to the terms & conditions governing your provision, and their use, of the booking service.

What information we require from you:

  • The URL that contains the terms & conditions for the service. We will also provide you with some standard text to add into your Terms & Conditions that govern imin’s involvement in the booking and payment flow (see “Update your terms and conditions" at the end of this document).

Confirmation Email Address

Users will receive a confirmation email from the service, which includes details of their booking, barcode for venue entry, etc. This email will have a “From” email address that you can select that represents your organisation.

What information we require from you:

  • The selected email address that will appear in the “From” field for the confirmation emails that get sent to users

Homepage URL

The confirmation email will contain a hyperlink so users can navigate back to the original site upon which they made their booking.

What information we require from you:

  • The URL for the activity finder - this must be the intended live URL and not a test/demo URL; and

  • The URL for the organisational homepage.

Part II - Actions you need to complete

Your {checkoutBaseUrl} & your DNS settings

The Checkout will be hosted on your primary domain, which will be appended tocheckout., for example This custom domain base URL is known as the {checkoutBaseUrl}.

By altering your DNS settings accordingly, when users click the "Book" button, imin will be able to generate the Checkout page for them to book and pay for their chosen activity. It also allows imin to remotely update and resolve any issues.

What you need to do:

  1. Add a CNAME record in your name server based on the Checkout custom domain base URL known as the{checkoutBaseUrl}:

    • Your {checkoutBaseUrl} will start with checkout. following the format, where is your primary domain.

      • By way of example, the {checkoutBaseUrl}for is

    • Using your primary domain to create your {checkoutBaseUrl}, we will create a DNS target for you to add as a CNAME in your DNS configuration. For example,

    • In your name server, add a CNAME record with:

      • Name: {checkoutBaseUrl}; and

      • Target/value: the DNS target we provide to you.

  2. Add further DNS records to prevent confirmation emails going to spam folders (this is only actionable once step 1 above has been completed):

    • Tell us which provider is your DNS host, e.g. Cloudflare, 123 Reg, GoDaddy, etc.

    • Enter into your DNS host the three CNAMEs and their corresponding values that we will generate for you. These will take the following form:

      • Host:

      • Value:

Once you have confirmed completion of this step, we will perform some tests before putting it live on your primary domain.

Add a "Book" button using theimin:checkoutUrlTemplate

In your user flow, the user will need to perform an action (normally clicking a “Book” button or a link) to indicate they wish to proceed to the Checkout, where they can select which session time slot they would like to book, before proceeding to payment.

In order for your branded Checkout to appear, you will need to ensure that your "Book" button opens the webpage specified by the imin:checkoutUrlTemplate, with the template placeholder{checkoutBaseUrl} to be replaced by your custom domain base URL (e.g.

For example "imin:checkoutUrlTemplate": "{checkoutBaseUrl}/v1/events/fusion-123" should be rendered as "".

Bookable sessions provided via the imin Search API will have an imin:checkoutUrlTemplate. Please note that there are two imin:checkoutUrlTemplates provided within subEvent of the API:

  • A session-level imin:checkoutUrlTemplate at SessionSeries level; and

  • An occurrence-level imin:checkoutUrlTemplate for each specific occurrence of a bookable session at the ScheduledSession level.

Not all ScheduledSession will have an imin:checkoutUrlTemplate. This could be because a ScheduledSession may be outside of the booking window (7 days), have no remaining capacity, or belong to a provider that is not yet bookable.

Please note that imin:checkoutUrlTemplate was previously located within imin:aggregateOffer at the EventSerieslevel, however this is no longer the case. imin:checkoutUrlTemplate is now only available within the subEvent of SessionSeries and thesubEventofScheduledSession.

In order to enable Apple Pay and Google Pay, when the user clicks the “Book” button, it should open in:

  • The same tab for web;

  • A SFSafariViewController for iOS; and

  • A Webview for Android.

Update your terms and conditions

Your terms & conditions need to reflect the fact that several parties are involved in providing the booking and payment service to the end-user.

What you need to do:

  1. Add the following text into your terms & conditions page (the same page that you provided above for the “Terms & Conditions Link”); and

  2. Supply the URL of the T&Cs so we can integrate them into the Checkout page.

Every facility offered on this website will be subject to the specific leisure provider’s terms and conditions – you should read these to ensure suitability of facility, venue, any specific dress codes or other important terms prior to making a booking. Please note that all payments made when booking a facility on this website are made through a third party provider, IMIN LTD, a company registered in England and Wales with Company Number 07716450, whose trading address is Unit 2.03, E1 Studios, 7, Whitechapel Road, London, E1 1DU. By proceeding with a booking, you hereby agree to comply with IMIN LTD’s terms and conditions, a copy of which can be found [here](hyperlink to At no time will a contract come into existence between you and IMIN LTD as it is only acting as a booking payment portal as between you and the leisure facility provider.