1. Ensuring your Data will Display How you Want it To

The data stored within your LMS can be displayed directly on the Live Timetables. However, you may wish to tweak or enhance what is being shown to deliver the best user experience for your website.

It may take a several minutes or longer for the changes you are applying to take effect and update the open data feed.

If you use Gladstone

Gladstone offer a specific platform called OpenActive Data Manager to help you enhance and augment the data in your OpenActive data feed - such as grouping activities together, adding richer descriptions, or even images.

Here's what you need to do (* = denotes that this step is a minimum requirement for use of the Live Timetables)

  1. Log into Data Manager using the username and password provided to you by Gladstone

  2. Fill out the fields within Organisation

  3. *Go to the Places tab, and for each of your locations, add an accurate full address and / or move the pin to the correct point on the map. Whilst here, you can fill out the other fields for each location - this will help other users of your data to better display your locations.

  4. Go to Event Series, and create all the different types of activity you offer. For example you can create a "HIIT" template. You'll use this in the next step.

    • A key thing to do here is to make sure the OpenActive Activity Reference is selected - the Live Timetables are able to display / exclude activities based on activity type.

  5. Go to Event Series Mapping, and you can select groupings of sessions, and then associate them with the template you made in the previous step. For example, you select "HIIT Mon 3pm David", "HIIT Tues 4pm Linda" and "6pm HIIT Sat" and click Associate, selecting your HIIT template from the options, to associate those particular activity IDs with your HIIT template. Do this for as many groupings as you find helpful.

  6. Go to the FacilityUses tab, and ensure that each Facility Use (a bookable space in your centres, e.g. badminton court) has the correct OpenActive Activity Reference associated with it - the Live Timetables use this to group certain Facility Uses together. If there is no OpenActive Activity Reference, then it might not be displayed at all by the Live Timetables.

Only activities marked as "WebBookable" within Gladstone will be available through the open data feed and visible in the Data Manager

If you use Legend

There are a few steps you need to complete within Legend in order to use the Live Timetables properly.

These are all documented within the Legend Bytes customer knowledge base. Specifically:

  • ensure your Clubs have the lattitude, longtitude and service url set within Club Properties. You can use Google Maps to find the lattitide and longtitude for your sites

  • Follow the steps in Legend Bytes for setting our OpenActive configurations

  • Follow the steps in Legend Bytes for ensuring classes and activities are visible (or not) depending on your requirements.

  • Follow the steps in Legend Bytes for setting the correct OpenActive activity type for your classes and activities. The Live Timetable uses these categorisations when including / excluding activities from specific timetables.

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